At T.U.R.C. we believe that not only does one have a voice in the community, but a responsibility to the community, as well.  Embracing this concept and recognizing the potential of Southside Virginia, particularly the Dan River Region, we are seeking partnerships to affect socio-economic change through education and economic reform, particularly through the empowerment of young people and adults and the organizations that serve them.  This process calls for the collaboration of state and local governments, educational leadership, civic leadership and economic development organizations.

With this vision of consistent cooperation and not isolation, service is pledged for the betterment of the region. It is also expressed a willingness to promote a quality of life that supports the current initiatives that propel our region into the 21st Century, while preserving history, heritage, and hometown values.  It is particularly envisioned the fostering of an environment that encourages ideas from the constituency without premature assumption of the level of significance. The commitment being made is to opportunities for inclusive leadership, to welcoming concern for the insurance of accurate, unbiased assessment and action, to the effectiveness of diversity and partnership, and to the productivity of successful education, government, business and commerce.


Combined partnership resources ensures social enrichment through exposure (introducing young people, adults, and community leaders to new ideas, information, places and relations), experience (providing opportunities for young people, adults, and community leaders to apply their knowledge and skills through hands-on activities), and engagement (encouraging young people, adults, and community leaders to fully activate their minds, bodies, and spirits)—key factors in genuine learning and advancement.

Learning is not only academic and strictly classroom-based, but often time entails elements of voluntarism, deliberate dialogue, and direct involvement with any and all tasks at hand.

Our network of seventy-five (75) partner organizations and programs offers services throughout the region, reaching more than 1,000 youth and adults. Through the efforts of the coalition, we address the issues most important to families and communities: building wealth in urban communities, improving socio-economic chances of youth and young adults, and strengthening the nonprofit sector. We work in the areas of positive youth development, adult education and job training, health-related services, economic education, housing support, advocacy, and economic inclusion.


Join Us

Whether you are a lifetime advocate or new to our cause, we invite you to join us. We welcome new ideas and value enthusiasm from members and volunteers.  For more information on how you can participate, please contact us via email at  We look forward to hearing from you!!!


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